All the important services under one roof to make your project a success.

Successful live communication begins with planning. More than 30 years' project experience and a range of references from all areas of live communication prove that we are the right partner for your trade fair, your trade fair booth - mobile or fixed, designing your showroom, expanding your shop premises or executing your event.


360 degrees means total security in terms of planning for you

Our 360-degree care means that we provide you with all the important contacts and skills under one roof, from the first no-obligation briefing, to creative design, planning, execution, operation and dismantling of your presentation. Every project starts with a detailed discussion in which we note down your wishes. This means that we can quickly give you an initial assessment of the options for realisation and provide you with an attractive quote.

After commissioning, we head into the creative phase. From this moment on, everyone involved in the project is "on board", without the hassle of running around, without coordination problems, and without time being wasted. From the very beginning, all our employees in your project team use their skills in precisely the right places. There's no more affordable, effective support available! We plan your trade fair booth, your showroom, your shop premises or your event down to the last detail and ensure that all the resources you need are available when you need them.
After implementation, we are happy to handle the organisation of your event or trade fair. We can rely on a large amount of project experience and a high-performance network of partners. As your central contact, we coordinate your wishers. In addition to technical and organisational implementation, we can also provide you with the implementation and supply concepts for this. This makes your project a 360-degree project. 360-degree perfect!

After your successful event has taken place, we dismantle the appropriate structures professionally, and store them for you if required, or dispose of them professionally and in an environmentally friendly manner. We take economic re-use and multi-use into consideration even at the start of the planning stage.

We perform the following services in collaboration with our Intersystems employees, acting as a general contractor, or, on request, in the following individual trades:

Scope of trade fair services

  • We have our own workshop, carpentry shop and paint shop for putting together trade fairs
  • Trade fair services
  • Trade fair dismantling
  • Trade fair team planning
  • Disposal of trade fair waste material
  • Planning construction of trade fair
  • Construction of fixed and mobile trade fair booths and mobile structures
  • Trade fair design
  • Trade fair logistics
  • Trade fair planning
  • Trade fair service
  • Booth lighting
  • Booth construction
  • Booth planning/architecture
  • Booth building
  • Booth design
  • Modular booths
  • Organisation of trade fair presentation
  • Trade fair project management
  • Roadshow booth
  • Booth structures
  • Temporary structures

Scope of event services

  • Event management/execution
  • Event consultancy
  • Event design
  • Event management by experienced event managers
  • Event marketing
  • Event organisation
  • Event planning
  • Event project management

Scope of showroom services

  • Showroom consultancy
  • Showroom design
  • Showroom concept
  • Showroom composition
  • Showroom execution

Scope of shopfitting services

  • Shopfitting consultancy
  • Shopfitting design
  • Shopfitting concept
  • Shopfitting composition
  • Shopfitting execution